Deckmark Outdoor Structures is renowned for creating the ultimate backyard
retreat. With hard work, passion and an eye for backyard art, we guarantee to
deliver the best deck structure across Toronto


Since 2018, we have satisfied dozens of customers with high-quality custom decks. Our process is simple. We focus on our customers and aspirations for any deck design we create. The partnership starts with our team visiting our
clients’ homes, where we discuss their needs and vision. We also share our expertise and ideas based on our professional experience to broaden our clients’ vision.

Since seeing is believing, before starting the deck’s construction, we share with our clients a custom design of the deck created on a 3D CAD program to let them see their vision come to life.

Composite Decks

Composite decks are a worthy alternative to the traditionally treated lumber decks. They are made from a mix of synthetic material and wood. Composite
decks deliver the elegant look of a natural wood deck while offering a low maintenance unfading beauty to create the perfect outdoor space for your

Deckmark Outdoor Structures carries the largest selection of composite deck board textures, colors, and finishes in Toronto to create a fantastic one-of-a-kind deck look.

When you hire us for composite decking, you are not forced to settle for one or two generic options. You can pick from the vast pool of our incredible options to create a dream deck precisely the way you imagined.

The composite decking is inherently a little more expensive than traditional wood decking but for all good reasons. You will get the bang for the buck when

your deck offers a striking resemblance to natural wood and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance that lasts long enough and adds value to your property.

Cedar Wood Decks

If the natural look of wood is your top priority, cedarwood decking is the answer! A cedar wood deck is a valuable addition to your home’s outdoor space.

Deckmark Outdoor Structures offer reliable cedar wood decking to our customers. Cedar is a durable wood that is naturally resistant to decay, rot, and insect attacks. We install the high-quality cedar wood deck in a home that lasts longer because it resists moisture absorption, requires little maintenance and doesn’t split or warp as easily.

You can have a cedar wood deck installed at a moderate cost at your property. All you need is to be careful with dragging around the furniture to avoid beating up the edges. We also offer cleaning and resealing services of cedarwood decks
to increase their lifespan and warm, rich look.

Pressure Treated Wood Decks

At Deckmark Outdoor Structures, we offer economical and long-lasting pressure-treated wood decking. Pressure-treated wood decks are stainable
and hard enough to resist abuse. We offer a limited lifetime warranty for pressure-treated wood decks.
We carefully choose the best quality treated wood that doesn’t have moisture.

Our pressure-treated wood decks will never shrink unevenly or twist upon drying. It is resistant to termites and fungal decay. We offer pressure-treated wood decks at an attractive price point, making them an outstanding choice to use for the construction of your deck.