Are you looking to make your backyard space a central hangout spot in your
home? Pergolas can create the versatile shade you are looking for.

Pergolas are alluring, open-air structures secured with four columns or posts and topped with lattices or cross-beams. The delicate designs are commonly made of vinyl, wood, or aluminum. They offer excellent relief from the direct, harsh rays of the sun while enabling enough sunlight to

Traditional Pergolas

At Deckmark Outdoor Structures, we design and install traditional wood pergolas as decorative shade structures. We aim to bring style and function to
your front or backyard.

We will offer you endless opportunities to design traditional pergolas when hiring us to accentuate your front or backyard. We play with the essential four
elements of pergolas, the columns, the beams, the rafter tails and the purlins, but our creativity and eye for art enable us to create inspiring outdoor spaces
for our clients.

The traditional pergolas can never go wrong. They offer a clean and classic design to add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space, along with wind protection and a cozy feeling.

Arched Pergolas

Instantly transform your backyard into a fascinating hangout spot with arched pergolas by Deckmark Outdoor Structures. Arched pergolas create a warm,
sophisticated look perfect for fun in the sun and romance under the stars.

We create inviting and warm spaces for entertaining guests and relaxing with family. This Mediterranean-inspired arched pergola design brings charm to your
front and backyard at a reasonable cost.

Santa Fe Pergolas

At Deckmark Outdoor Structures, we design eye-catching Santa Fe pergolas that feature large arched braces, 8×8 posts, heavy-duty headers, and
decorative post skirts. Available in pine, vinyl, or cedar, the Santa Fe Pergolas perform well and look great in your outdoor living space.

We aim to add a wow factor and contemporary style to a backyard with Santa Fe pergolas. Our stylish and functional design creates a shady relaxation area
in your yard on sunny days. We ensure durability and extra roof support by using large curved braces and decorative posts.

We design and install Santa Fe pergolas as a perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two a fun-filled BBQ dinner for family and friends.

shade Pergolas

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